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Are you feeling stuck, like you’re spinning in place not able to move forward? Has your inner fire fizzled after years of giving to others? Are you ready for real, lasting change? Are you ready to reignite that inner fire?

Life Coaching is a powerful tool that helps elevate you, enhance your life and be your best self.

Life Coaching is not consulting, counselling, therapy or anything else that “fixes” you. Life coaching takes you from where you are today and brings you to the tomorrow you desire.

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Coralee Beatty

Coralee Beatty


I am a passionate, spiritual, life-loving human that loves to hike, run, bike and be in nature. I love to learn and be organized! I thrive when I have structure and goals. It is possible to reclaim yourself and your energy, to thrive again and achieve all that you want out of this life, to be your best version of yourself. That’s where I can help. My mission is to help women maximize their potential and live the life they want by reigniting that fire within.

My strength lies in my ability to simplify complex situations to help you gain clarity and break down solutions into manageable steps, to make the seemingly unattainable, attainable.

I owned a mechanical contracting business with my husband for 15 years before we realized it was running our life. The “freedom” that business ownership was supposed to offer was lost in the running of the business. We gave vacations to our employees because we didn’t have time to take them ourselves, we were losing valuable time with our kids, running frantic and never able to be “present”. We ended up selling our business to refocus and find a better quality of life.


After high school, I attended Simon Fraser University studying Psychology with a minor in Criminology. Originally interested in helping people in the criminal justice system, in my third year of studies I recognized that I was unable to identify personally with the people I wanted to help most. I questioned my ability to genuinely help people that I could not identify with. I left university and went to BCIT to study my second favourite thing, construction. I graduated from the BCIT Building Technology Program in 1998 at which time I moved to the North Shore. For the next 10 years, I worked as a building envelope consultant with a multinational engineering firm. During that time I met my husband, we raced downhill mountain bikes together, were married and had two children. In 2008, I retired from the engineering firm and took on the position of general contractor for building our family home and working full time on the business I was building with my husband. In the following years, our family grew to add two more kids to fill the home we built.

After selling our business in 2017 I took some time to re-evaluate and decide what was next for me. I decided to hire a life coach to help me find the answers I knew were within but was having a hard time finding on my own. Then one morning a light went on – it occurred to me that I too, wanted to be a life coach! I knew I could genuinely help the people I wanted to help, because I could identify with them, I was one of them. I immediately registered for courses and worked to become a certified life coach. I also decided to return to Simon Fraser to complete the Psychology degree I started so many years earlier.

Today I homeschool my four children, spend as much time as I can in the forest with my family and love helping women rediscover their passions, reignite their zest for life and see them realize their potential by living the lives they want.

How Coralee Can Help…

  • Do you feel guilty to take time for yourself, or struggle to find time in the schedule for yourself?
  • Have you been out of the workforce raising kids but are now ready to return and not sure where to start?
  • Has your excitement for work waned, or is your business stalling and you want to take it to the next level?
  • Do you long for a bigger sense of fulfillment or purpose?
  • You love being a mom but there’s just something missing?
  • Do you feel stuck, trapped, or unable to take the next step forward?
  • You have goals you want to achieve, but you just can’t seem to get there.

We all have a role (in fact, many roles) in life. I am a wife, a mother of four, a homeschooler, a business owner and a student. Chances are you are at least a few of these things and likely many others. Maybe a hockey mom or a soccer coach; a member of the PTA or the manager of your local Block Watch. Often, through it all, we lose our energy and connection to who we are outside of our roles. We forget our own interests and passions in pursuit of taking care of everyone else’s. Or maybe our interests and passions have changed, and we can no longer identify them.

Life Coach Vancouver
Life Coach Vancouver

Finding Yourself

Reigniting that fire within

Finding Solutions to:

  • Guilt for leaving family for ME time
  • Struggling for who you are other than MOM
  • Forgetting what makes your heart sing
  • Finding time for yourself
  • Redefining your role
  • Living life's purpose

Personal Wellbeing

Getting unstuck

Finding Solutions to:

  • Feeling stuck
  • Feeling unsatisfied
  • Feeling unfulfilled
  • Struggling with personal worth
  • Struggling with body image

Work Life Balance

Being present

Finding Solutions to:

  • Growing your business while maintaining family time
  • Balancing work and family from a home office
  • Thinking about work at home and thinking about home at work
  • Finding time

Life Transitions

Adapting to changes

Finding Solutions to:

  • Dissatisfaction with your career path
  • Returning to work once the kids are in school
  • Returning to work once the kids are gone
  • Moving forward after separation or divorce
  • Figuring out what's next for you

Let’s Work Together

“When you are clear, what you want in your life shows up, only to the extent that you are clear.”

– Janet Bray Atwood

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”

– Henry Ford

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”

– Socrates

“Our intention creates our reality”

– Wayne Dyer

“When your faith becomes stronger than your fears, then your dreams can become a reality”

– Billy Cox

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The following resources have been invaluable to me in my pursuit of self-discovery. They have helped me focus on what’s important and have kept me moving forward to reaching my goals. I recommend any and all of them to my clients to help them in their personal journey (there is no affiliate relationship or benefit to me for the recommendation, I just find them of personal value).

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